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2012 meeting of Bavarian representatives around the globe

Economics deputy minister Ms. Hessel with Bavaria's official representatives abroad

The State of Bavaria Montreal Office’s Director, Mr. Daniel Curio (2nd row, 3rd from right), as well as the Project Manager Economy and Technology Mr. Frédéric Arsenault (last row, center), took part in the annual meeting of Bavarian representatives abroad, held in Munich last week. Bavaria’s Minister of Economy, Infrastructure, Transportation and Technology, Mr. Martin Zeil, stressed that “foreign exchange is a driving force for jobs, growth and well-being in Bavaria. That is why, with a dense network of representation offices around the globe, we support all Bavarian companies wishing to explore new markets. (…) Particularly for small and medium companies our local ambassadors are contact persons of essential importance.” As of 2012, the State of Bavaria boasts 23 foreign representation offices. On the picture, Ms. Katja Hessel, Vice Minister (first row, 4th from right), stands in for Mr. Zeil. Picture © Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Transportaion and Technology of the State of Bavaria