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Bavaria-Quebec Cooperation: the "Portraits croisés" program is more alive then ever!

Portraits croisés 2012 - Picture © INIS

On Wednesday, June 6, Montreal’s INIS hosted the North-American preview of the two 2012 “Portraits croisés” short docs, co-patroned by INIS and Munich’s HFF. Since 2008, this cooperation program has been one of the jewels of the cultural cooperation between Bavaria and Quebec, and has produced several gems. This year again, the two short documentaries will be presented to the public at Montreal’s World Film Festival next Fall. From left: Marie-Claude Bhérer, Student Services Coordinator at INIS, Marie Labelle, Europe councillor at Québec’s Department of Culture, Claudia Gama, film director from Quebec, and her colleague Philippe Miquel, both 2012 scholars of the « Portraits croisés » program, with which they produced their short documentary in Munich in November 2011, Marie Lessard, Coordinator and Executive Assistant at the State of Bavaria Quebec Office, and Michel G. Desjardins, INIS Director. - Picture © INIS

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