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Bavaria tour of a group of Quebec parliament's delegation for relationships with Bavaria

March 4, 2013 - Accompanied by Mr. Daniel Curio, Director of the State of Bavaria Quebec Office (4th from left), members of the Quebec Parliament's Group for Relationships with Bavaria (Délégation de l'Assemblée nationale pour les Relations avec la Bavière, DANRBA) visiting the region - of which Mr. Jacques Chagnon (3rd from right), President of Assemblée nationale and of the DANRBA, as well as Mrs Denise Beaudoin, DANRBA Vice-President and MP of Mirabel - were welcomed by the mayor of Fürseneck, Mr. Heinz Binder (5th from left) as they visited the district of Ilz, Lower Bavaria. Mr Spiller (first left), Director of the Rural Development Office, explained the current activities in Bayerwald. Picture Bayerischer Landtag

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