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School exchanges: Collège international des Marcellines in Montreal and Bavaria's Association of Catholic Schools

Daniel Curio, Walter Leuchs, Steve Boilard, Herbert Jank, Manfred Stoffl, Eva Ledwig

April 17, 2013 - The Montreal Collège international des Marcellines, a long-time partner of the Goethe Institut Montreal for teaching German, held an official reception underlining the greatest school exchange between Quebec and Germany, which occurs with Bavarian schools. From left: Daniel Curio, Director of the State of Bavaria Quebec Office, Walter Leuchs, Consul general of Germany in Montréal, Steve Boilard, Advisor at the Quebec Ministry for International Relationships, Francophonia and Foreign Exchange, Herbert Jank, in charge of Relations with France and Quebec at the Bavarian Catholic Schools Association, Manfred Stoffl, Director, and Eva Ledwig, in charge of the Languages department at Goethe Institut Montréal. Picture © State of Bavaria Quebec Office

Collège international des Marcellines