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Literary evening at the Goethe Institut Montreal: Full house to hear an exchange about the challenges of poetry translation

Michael von Killisch-Horn, Manfred Stoffl, Gilles Cyr

The room was packed last Wednesday, December 11, at the Goethe Institut Montréal, to hear Michael von Killisch-Horn (left), translator currently completing a literary residency in Montreal, and Gilles Cyr (right), writer and poet, on the challenges of poetry translation. Mr. von Killisch-Horn translates into German from French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, whereas Mr. Cyr translated from Korean and Iranian. They both explained their very different work methods, and also read some excerpts from original texts by Mr. Cyr, translated into German for the first time by Mr. von Killisch-Horn. The evening was moderated by Manfred Stoffl (middle), Director of the Goethe Institut Montreal. © State of Bavaria Quebec Office

Cultural exchanges: Two literary events in Montreal and Munich as part of the Bavaria-Quebec cooperation in literature