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LOJIQ Awards 2014

Daniel Curio, Catherine Thériault

On May 27, 2014, Mr. Daniel Curio, Director of the State of Bavaria Quebec Office, had the pleasure to award Ms. Catherine Thériault, founder of the company "Les Pétards", offering a range of ecofriendly body care products, the LOJIQ Award 2014 for Pre-Starting Of A Company. In Februar 2013, Ms. Thériault had taken part in a young entrepreneurs' mission to Bavaria in order to zoom in ton the German entrepreneurial culture. Her Bavarian experience and the German values of respect and environment protection she saw enrooted were founding stones of her newly founded company, Les Pétards, which came to life in September 2013. "Les Pétards" source locally and their waste production is at a minimum thanks to recycling and reusing techniques. Picture © Laurent Dansereau for LOJIQ, courtesy

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