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Daniel Curio, Director of the State of Bavaria Quebec Office, leaves Montreal

Michel Audet, Daniel Curio, Jacques Chagnon

On August 14, 2014, the State of Bavaria Office in Montreal held a reception to bid farewell to Mr. Daniel Curio (middle), after 5 years as Director. In presence of Mr. Michel Audet, Deputy Minister at the Quebec Ministery for International Relations and La Francophonie (left), Mr. Jacques Chagnon, President of the National Assembly of Quebec as well as of the Délégation de l'Assemblée nationale pour les Relations avec la Bavière (speaking), underlined Mr. Curio's outstanding achievements to further strengthen the Bavaria-Quebec partnership towards its 25th anniversary. Picture Louis Longpré for the State of Bavaria Quebec Office

After five years heading the Bavarian State office in Montreal, Daniel Curio is returning to his homeland