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Bavarian Stand at EXPO Québec 2015

Johannes Hofmann, Christoph Klein, Michael Hofmann

There was a Bavarian stand with local products at this year's EXPO Québec fair in August. Several specialties from the Berchtesgaden region were displayed and offered to the public, such as "Alpenstoff" beer, brewed by Unser Bürgerbräu. Former Chef Johannes Hofmann (left) is well-known in the Bavarian community in Quebec, as he already worked with several high-profile hotels and restaurants in the past for specific events, such as the Bavaria Week in Quebec, in the Spring of 2003. His next stop in Quebec will be in December, for the German Christmas Market in front of City Hall. On the picture, he is accompanied by his son Michael (right) and Christoph Klein, Quebec importer of Bavarian specialties. Picture courtoisie

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