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Official inaugural visit to Quebec: Mr. Emans also meets with the heads of opposition parties in Québec's National Assembly

Stéphane Bergeron, Pierre Karl Péladeau, Benjamin Emans, François Legault

Among the persons Mr. Benjamin Emans, Director of the State of Bavaria Quebec Office, met on the occasion of this official inaugural visit to Québec in late November 2015, were the heads of both opposition parties in Québec's National Assembly. He is seen here on the picture left with Mr. Pierre Karl Péladeau (center), head of Parti Québécois, and Mr. Stéphane Bergeron, Vice-President of the National Assembly Group for the Relationship with Bavaria (DANRBA), and on the picture right, with Mr. François Legault, head of Coalition Avenir Québec. Mr. Legault was recently in Bavaria for an informational trip about the "vocational training" system that is in place in Germany and enables a quick and early learning of professional life by integration into companies early on in the course of studies. Pictures State of Bavaria Quebec Office