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Education cooperation: Mr. Thomas Angermeier, from Bayerischer Jugendring, visits us in Montreal

Thomas Angermeier, Benjamin Emans

Since 1992 the school exchanges have made a major contribution to cooperation between Bavaria and Quebec and give the opportunity to the students to spend three months in the partner country, living with their host families and attending school. This January 19, 2016, Mr. Thomas Angermeier, who heads the individual school exchanges at Bayerischer Jugendring, visited us at our offices and had a meeting with Mr. Benjamin Emans, Director, in order to explore the avenues of widening the scope of this very successful and stable cooperation program, as it is bound to celebrate 25 years of existence. Picture State of Bavaria Quebec Office

Successful school exchanges between Bavaria and Quebec: three questions to Thomas Angermeier from Bayerischer Jugendring