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Canada information session at the Swabien Chamber of Commerce, Augsburg

Frédéric Arsenault with Heide Becker, Frédéric Strass, Norbert Reuter

Our Manager, Business Development and Technology, Frédéric Arsenault, was visiting Bavaria in early May 2016, as guest to local Chambers of Commerce events (Augsburg and Aschaffenburg), "Canada information session". He is seen left with Ms. Heide Becker, Project Manager, Internationalization at the Swabia Chamber of Commerce in Augsburg, and Mr. Frédéric Strass, VP International Business Development at Sortimo, and on the right with Mr. Norbert Reuter, General Manager of APE Engineering. They participated in the events to learn more about the opportunities for Bavarian companies on the Canadian and Quebec markets. Pictures IHK Schwaben, IHK Aschaffenburg | courtesy

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