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Conference by Minister Bausback on German federalism and its influence on Bavarian foreign policy

Stéphane Bergeron, Charles-Emmanuel Côté, Éric Théroux, Kristin Bartenstein, Winfried Bausback, Daniel-Erasmus Khan

On the occasion of his trip to Quebec, the Bavarian Minister of Justice took part in a discussion panel organized by the Université Laval in Québec City on October 27, 2016. In front of a full lecture hall, Pr. Dr. Bausback focused on the question of German federalism and its influence on Bavarian foreign policy. «Bavaria and Quebec are characterized by a strong stance in favor of their identity and culture», further explains Dr. Daniel-Erasmus Khan (right). «The federal system both regions are a part of defines what is possible for them, in particular with regards to their international relations.» The talk unearthed a heavy information deficit on both sides and all participants agreed on the need to further and deepen the exchanges on this particular topic. From left: Stéphane Bergeron, Vice-President of the DANRBA ; Prof. Charles-Emmanuel Côté, Vice-Decan of the Faculty of Law at Université Laval ; Éric Théroux, Deputy Minister for Francophone and Bilateral Relations at the Quebec Ministery for International Relationships and La Francophonie ; Prof. Dr. Kirstin Bartenstein, Chair at the Law Faculty of Université Laval ; Prof. Dr. Winfried Bausback, Justice Minister of the State of Bavaria ; Prof. Dr. Daniel-Erasmus Khan, guest professor at the Law Faculty of Université Laval and professor for European and Public Law at Munich's University of the Armed Forces. Picture (c) StMJ