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Annual meeting of the foreign representatives of Bavaria

As every year, early February marks the annual "home" meeting of Bavarian representatives abroad, a several days lasting session of exchange and strategic planning. They also are the highlight of the yearly evening of the Bavarian economy, held in a different district each time, and catering to local "Mittelstand" representatives. Each country where Bavaria maintains an office is assigned a table, and business people and CEOs can come a discuss market tendencies and business opportunities for their business with the representatives of said country. On the picture, the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs and the Media, Energy and Technology, Ms. Ilse Aigner (green skirt), is surrounded by all the Bavarian representatives abroad, among them Frédéric Arsenault and Benjamin Emans, resp. Project manager, Economy & Technology, and Director of the State of Bavaria Quebec Office (last row, 1st on the right and 3rd on the left). Photo (c) StMWi

2016 Meeting