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Montreal's "Printemps numérique": Discussion panel around the challenges of Industry 4.0, with Pr. Broy from Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern

Discussion panel around issues of digitization and automation at Printemps numérique 2017 - Canadian Center for Architecture

On 6 June 2017, Montreal's Canadian Center for Architecture welcomed the #intersections_vol5 event of this year's Printemps numérique. The event included several networking opportunities as well as a n interesting panel discussion hosted by Ms. Catherine Mathys, journalist at radio program La Sphère at ICI Radio-Canada Première, revolving around how Bavaria meets the challenges of industry automation. From left: Prof. Manfred Broy, founder and CEO of Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern ; Mr. Frédéric Bastien, CEO at mnubo, Mr. Thomas Scarinci, Director Engineering, Aeroderivative Gas Turbines at Siemens Canada, and Mr. Gilles Savard, General Manager at IVADO. Picture (c) State of Bavaria Quebec Office

More pictures of this evening courtesy of Printemps numérique (Facebook)