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Intercultural studies: Comparison of entrepreneurship in Bavaria and in Québec

Benjamin Emans, Christoph Barmeyer, Lea Pfäffel, Maria Wilhelm, Allain Joly

Meeting in our office on September 25, 2017: Ms. Maria Wilhelm, Master candidate in Intercultural studies at Passau University (2nd from right), is focusing on intercultural communication and entrepreneurship. She is currently in Montreal for 3 weeks, to conduct interviews at business incubators for her Master's thesis. Her project is embedded in a wider research endeavour comparing two creative cities: Munich and Montreal, which is being led by Prof. Christoph Barmeyer (Univ. Passau, 2nd from left), and Prof. Allain Joly (HEC Montréal, right), Ms. Wilhelm's two supervisors. She is financially supported by student mobility funds provided by the Bavarian Alliance for Research (BayFOR). Also on the picture: Mr. Benjamin Emans, Director of the Representation (left), and Ms. Lea Pfäffel (center), Project Manager at the Scientific Coordination Office Bayern/Québec/Alberta/International at BayFOR. Picture (c) State of Bavaria Québec Office

Student mobility supporting opportunities within the Bavaria-Quebec cooperation