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Quebec MRIF Medal awarded to the Bavarian Landtag

(c) Bayerischer Landtag | Zoran Gojic

A highlight of the 10th session of the Bavaria-Quebec mixed parliamentary commission was the presentation of the "Médaille hommage 50e du MRIF" to the representatives of the Bavarian Landtag currently in Quebec City by Mrs. Christine St-Pierre (middle), Quebec Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie, in presence of Mr. Jacques Chagnon (right), President of the Québec National Assembly, and of Mr. Stéphane Bergeron (left), Vice-President of the National Assembly Delegation for Relations with Bavaria (DANRBA). This medal was produced in 2017 to honour 50 years of Quebec international relations ministry, and will be presented to 50 persons or institutions maximum. The Bavarian Landtag, in the name of whom its President Mrs Barbara Stamm (center) accepted the medal, is the 16th recipient. Picture (c) Bayerischer Landtag | Zoran Gojic

The President of the Bavarian Landtag, Mrs Barbara Stamm, visits Québec city for the 10th session of the Bavaria-Quebec Joint Parliamentary Commission