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Field trip to Kamouraska region to discuss challenges outside the urban centers - 10th session of the Joint Parliamentary Commission

Yvon Soucy and members of the Landtag of Bavaria, MRC Kamouraska

The members of the Landtag visiting Quebec on the occasion of the 10th session of the joint parliamentary commission Bavaria-Quebec did a field trip down the St Lawrence River into Kamouraska county, and then Charlevoix, to further their exchanges about the challenges of life outside the urban centers. Here part of the group is standing in front of the MRC de Kamouraska council building together with Mr. Yvon Soucy (5th from right), prefect of the regional county municipality. (c) Bayerischer Landtag | Zoran Gojic

The President of the Bavarian Landtag, Mrs Barbara Stamm, visits Québec city for the 10th session of the Bavaria-Quebec Joint Parliamentary Commission