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Senior civil servants from Bavaria visiting our office

Mr. Schmid, Mihatsch, Wittmann, Gruber, Broschek, Brechmann, Friess, Emans

We had the pleasure of welcoming a group of senior civil servants from Bavaria in late February and early March 2018, during their trip to Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa for exchanges with their Canadian colleagues about topics of common interest. In our offices, they attended a presentation by Prof. Jörg Broschek, Associate, Comparative Federalism and Multilevel Governance at Wilfried Laurier University Waterloo (right of the flag). From left: Mr. Markus Schmid, from the Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Michael Mihatsch, from the Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts, Mr. Markus Wittmann, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Markus Gruber, Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, Mr. Winfried Brechmann and Mr Peer Friess, from the Bavarian State Chancellery, and Mr. Benjamin Emans, Director of the Bavarian Representation in Montreal. © State of Bavaria Quebec Office

Senior civil servants from Bavaria in discussion with their Quebec counterparts