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Munich-based artist Tamiko Thiel, augmented reality pioneer, present in Montreal at SAT iX 2018 symposium

On the occasion of the 2018 symposium iX (Immersion Experience) held for the 5th year by Society of Technological Arts (SAT) in Montreal, the multidisciplinary artist Tamiko Thiel, from Munich, shows her work "Gardens of Anthropocene", an augmented reality installation in public space which "posits a science fiction future in which native aquatic and terrestrial plants have mutated to cope with the increasing unpredictable and erratic climate swings". On May 30, 2018, Mrs. Thiel held a keynote to illustrate her own approach of this year's symposium topic: "The Conquest Of Reality". Together with Masaki Fujihata, Ms. Thiel received the SAT iX 2018 Visionary Pioneer Award. She is seen here with State of Bavaria Office Quebec trainee, Ms. Marina Eckert. (c) State of Bavaria Office Quebec

Gardens of the Anthropocene: Augmented Reality Installation in public space by Tamiko Thiel