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If nothing else is indicated, every page on the information server of the State of Bavaria Québec Office is submitted to the copyright. This particularly applies to texts, images, graphics, audio, video or animation files including their layout on web pages.

Reproduction or use of these pages (or parts of it) in other electronic or printed publications or the publication (also on the internet) is only permitted after previous authorization.

The reproduction and the interpretation from press releases and speeches are authorized with proper references.

The editorial staff can confer the authorization for the publication of web pages (Imprint).

Furthermore, images, graphics, texts or any other files can be submitted totally or in part to the copyright third parties.

Any product and brand names used may be protected names, even if this is not explicitly indicated. The rights vested in the owners of the name shall remain unaffected

Exemption from liability

The State of Bavaria Québec Office has verified and gathered in all conscience every information provided in its field. However, that will not constitute a guarantee for the reliability, the exactness, the integrity or the quality and availability at any time of the given information. Without prejudice to the regulations of paragraph § 675 2 (German Civil Law Act), what follows applies to the available online content:

Limitation of liability:

Bavaria and its public servants do not take responsibility for disadvantages that may occur through the use or disuse of the info available in the State of Bavaria Québec Office’s web site.

The limitation of liability does not apply as far as for the regulations related to the paragraph
§ 839 BGB (Breach of official duty) will intervene.

It will not be held responsible for any problem that might occur during the call-up or download of data on the internet caused by a computer virus or during the installation, or during the use of software.

The State of Bavaria Québec Office formally reserves itself the right to modify, to complete, or erase certain web pages or the whole content without notice, or to rule temporarily or definitely the publication.

Links and References (Disclaimer)

The State of Bavaria Québec Office is only responsible for its “own content“ that is available for use.

Beside this “own content”, you can find references (Links) to websites from other providers. With the reference specified as a "Link", the State of Bavaria Québec Office grants access to the „other contents“.

With these references, the State of Bavaria Québec Office only offers access to use the contents. It is not responsible for the “other contents” since it does not induce the transmission of information, does not choose the addressee of the information transmitted and that it did not choose or modify the information. Also, an automatic intermediate storage of this other information does not occur because of the call-up and linking methods, so that the State Chancellery does not take any responsibility for these “other contents”.

However, during the first connection with the web site, the editorial office of the State of Bavaria Québec Office verified the other content, in order to be cleared of any possible civil law or penal law responsibility. However, as soon as the State of Bavaria Québec Office will notice an anomaly or that others draw its attention to the possibility that a concrete offer for which there is a link, can lead to a civil or penal responsibility, the link for this offer will be immediately removed as far as it is technically possible or reasonable.

For illegal, inaccurate or incomplete contents and particularly for damages that may come from the use or disuse of a third party, the provider at the time is sole responsible of the web page for which the links refers to.

Data protection

The Web-Server of the State of Bavaria Québec Office is operated by the Bavarian State Office of Statistics and Data Processing


Neuhauser Str. 8, 80331 Munich, Postal address: 80228 Munich

For any requests concerning internet files, the following web page access date will be saved by the Bavarian State Office of Statistics and Data Processing:

• The page from which the files were downloaded
• The name of selected files
• The date and time of the request
• The amount of data transmitted
• The access state (transmission of files, files not found, etc.)
• The description of the type of browser used, respectively the system software used.
• The IP-Address of the computer.
• The saved data will only be used for technical or statistical purposes; we will not make a comparison with other data stock or even relay it to a third party, even parts of it.

In the offer of information of the State of Bavaria Québec Office, cookies or JAVA-Applets can be used. The use of these functions can be deactivated by adjusting the user’s browser program.

After evaluation of the annual accesses, the recorder data will be erased. The evaluation occurs monthly and yearly, the erasure (cancellation) occurs in January of the next year. The evaluation and erasure occur through collaborators of the Bavarian State Office of Statistics and Data Processing by order of the State of Bavaria Québec Office.