Bavarian minister of Economics proud of the recently published EU-ranking of "manager magazin"


Mr. Zeil: „Bavaria is the most attractive location in Europe“

Munich – Bavarian minister of Economics, Mr. Zeil, about the recently published EU-ranking of economic locations of "manager magazin": "Bavaria is the most attractive location in Europe. Our State is remarkably well positioned to better cope with the global crisis' many challenges than would do other regions." According to the study, half of the 10 most attractive locations are in Bavaria. "This is an outstanding performance. It strikingly underlines the national and international competitiveness of Bavaria as a place for investment and innovation", said Zeil.

The superior economic power of Bavaria will be of critical importance to enable the Land to bear the consequences of the current global recession. It also is a prerequisite to a bold new start once said recession will be over. Mr. Zeil: "We are going to support the economy with all the tools we have at our disposal, so that Bavaria remains cutting-edge once the upturn booms."

For the study ordered by "manager magazin", over 1000 EU-regions were analyzed in the light of 25 factors for economic location. In Germany, counties as well as big cities were scrutinized individually. The overall leader in the ranking is Luxemburg, followed by Munich county and Ingolstadt.

Source: Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology