Josef Weiss Plastic GmbH, a Bavarian company, takes hold in Trois-Rivières


On May 21, 2009, the Bavarian company Josef Weiss Plastic GmbH announced that it was to open its North American head quarters in Trois-Rivières, in the industrial facility "Hautes-Forges". Specialized in the production of thermoformed 3D plastics, Joseph Weiss Plastic mainly manufactures helicopter and aerocraft glazings. Plexiglas shades as well as other high transparency plastic items are the most demanded by the company's clients.

In Trois-Rivières, Josef Weiss Plastic will be named 'Plastique JW'. Created in Munich in 1949, the company's key targets are the aeronautics and automobile industries, with facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic. In North America its production should mainly comprise helicopter glazings. JWP is already in business with major players of the areonautics industry located in the United States, such as Eurocopter, and thus will have a portfolio of first hand clients ready for its upcoming Trois-Rivières facility. On the long run, once the company will have the mandatory certifications, the project to develop on the military market is not impossible.

"We wanted to better serve the North American market. At first we thought of the USA, but at the same time we hat a tremendous support from the people at Invest Quebec" says Stephen Brecht, co-owner and CEO of JWP.

Trois-Rivières City, the Société de développement économique, and furthermore the Invest in Quebec office in Munich have been working on this project since 2006. The choice of Trois-Rivières mainly relies on the quality of its infrastructures, the workforce, the geographical location and the reputation the town is gaining within the aeronautics industry.

This 3 M$ investment will create around 20 jobs in the region. Co-owner and CEO Stephan Brecht is pleased to settle down in the Province of Quebec to develop the Northern American market and considers it a challenge that he will do his best to take on successfully. If everything goes as planned, activity should start in August.

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More about JWP: www.plexiweiss.de