Premier Minister Jean Charest in Munich on June 30, 2009


Premier Minister of Quebec, Jean Charest, has left for a visit to Munich –after Brussels and before Paris– in order to discuss the past exchanges and future cooperation opportunities of the successful, 20 year-old cooperation between the two States. An encounter with Randolf Rodenstock, President of the Bavarian employers’ association (vbw) is scheduled, as well as a meeting with Minister-President of the State of Bavaria, Mr. Horst Seehofer, and with Bavaria’s Vice M-P and Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Martin Zeil.

This will be an opportunity to discuss both economic and political aspects of the Bavaria-Quebec cooperation and to further impulse the exchanges in various key sectors, such as renewable energies, photonics, or space and aeronautics industries.

PM Jean Charest’s trip comes as a close response to the visit of Bavaria’s Vice Minister of Economic Affairs, Ms. Katja Hessel, to Montreal and Québec two weeks ago. She was accompanied by a delegation of economic, technological and scientific experts from both the medical and the energy technologies industries.

The bilateral contacts established between several specialists during this visit are particularly promising for the Bavarian medical sector, considering the recent closing of the Ontario Chalk River nuclear reactor, one of the main worldwide producers of medical isotopes. The all-new research reactor in Garching, Bavaria, has been constructed with the required technological specifications that would enable it to produce medical isotopes. Before long, and with some further investments, the Bavarian reactor could help compensate for the much feared medical isotopes shortage that the loss of the Chalk River reactor implies.

Source: Office of the Premier of Quebec, Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology