Second Bavaria-Quebec Neuroscience Workshop takes place in Montreal from June 24-28, 2009


As a further sectorial cooperation step between Bavaria and Québec, a Bavarian scientific delegation arrived in Montreal on June 24. Its participants will attend the Second Bavaria-Quebec Neuroscience Workshop.

The first workshop had been held in 2008 in Bavaria and was the occasion for researchers, grad students and post-docs to meet and discuss around language and mental disorders.

This year the topic is cognitive plasticity. In order to find common work directions, researches, students and academics from Bavaria travel to Montreal from June 24-28, 2009. They will attend presentations at CRIUGM (Centre de recherche de l’Institut universitaire de Gériatrie de Montréal), before taking part in a 2-day work session with their Quebec counterparts. The main goal is to find common research paths for the upcoming years. A second, wider goal is to develop a research and fund raising strategy in order to gather funds from the European Union’s Seventh Research Outline Program.

This sectorial cooperation was officially launched in May 2008 as a finishing touch to a very successful year of networking between the researchers of Bavaria and Quebec. It is supposed to serve as a platform for exchanging knowledge and working methods. The participants especially want to develop common work and diagnosis tools, from neuropsychological tests all the way to medical imageing processes.

Source: State of Bavaria Montreal Office