Bavaria and Quebec – Partnership with many perspectives


On November 18 for the 11th time the Work Group Bavaria-Quebec took place in the capital of the francophone Canadian province. The partnership has been existing for over 20 years, but bilateral contacts started 30 years ago. More than 440 cooperation projects have already been initiated to date, in politics/administration, economy, technology, science, education and aculture.

The cooperation program for 2010-2012 comprises more than 50 mainly projects each partner will strive to implement. There are notably many projects in economy and science. The cooperation's spectrum is particularly wide since despite some barriers such as the language, both regions are united by many common points. Just like Bavaria, over the course of the second half of the 20th century, Quebec turned from an agricultural to a high-tech based economy, notably in the aerospace, pharmaceutical and gaming branches. Quebec is also a primary partner in environmental policies: 97% of its energy production is hydraulic. Culturally, Quebec is close to Europe, but nevertheless remains a part of North America. The partnership therefore brings many new perspectives, be they economical, political, scientific or cultural. As for the upcoming years, aerospace, personalized medicine and electro-mobility should be among the highlighted fields of cooperation.

Exchanges are remarkably intense, as the past weeks have seen a Bavarian delegation of over 60 economical and scientific experts in aerospace and medical technologies visiting Quebec, under the double leadership of Science minister Dr. Heubisch and Economics Vice-Minister Ms Hessel. All were able to start interesting discussions. On November 22, a Quebec delegation of more than 50 representatives of companies and organizations traveled to Bavaria in order to take part in the first bilateral Cluster Conference, focusing this year on life science and ITC.

Source: State of Bavaria Montreal Office