Important Bavarian Life Sciences Mission Visiting Sherbrooke


Sherbrooke, November 10, 2010 – Sherbrooke Innopole, together with the Sherbrooke University Hospital Center and the Étienne-Le Bel research center, is happy to welcome today some of Bavaria's key decision makers to develop the life sciences branch in Estrie. After somewhat more than 20 years of economic and scientific relations with Bavaria, Quebec is hosting this year the biggest Bavarian delegation visit ever to occur within this partnership. The mission pools over 60 people, among which the Bavarian Minister of Science, Research and the Arts, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, and the Bavarian Vice Minister of Economics, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology, Ms. Katja Hessel.

This impressive Bavarian group casts mainly business people and scientists of the medical sector, notably medical imaging, who will visit the Sherbrooke University Hospital Center and will meet our researchers in order to discuss reciprocity agreements as well as research and equipment production partnerships. The whole Sherbrooke Innopole team is very proud to finally have been able to establish such a privileged relationship, which highlights the regional excellency of the medical sector. For Sherbrooke Innopole, this collaboration materializes the ambitions of its key "Life Sciences" subsidiary, aiming at developing stimulating partnerships for a knowledge-based economy, as well as fostering an already strong regional medical industry in Estrie.

For more information, please contact Josée Blanchard: jblanchard@sherbrooke-innopole.com ou au 819-821-5577.

Source: Sherbrooke Innopole

A glimpse of this visit, with an interview of Dre Florence Gauzy, may be taken under the following link (in French): tva.canoe.ca