Bavaria's Minister of Science Dr. Heubisch and Vice Minister of Economics Hessel travelling to Quebec with a scientific and economic delegation


Heubisch and Hessel: „Further develop scientific and economic cooperation “

MUNICH – Bavaria's Minister of Science Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch and Bavaria's Vice Minister of Economics Katja Hessel are leading a delegation to Montreal (Quebec / Canada). They are accompanied by over 60 politicians, company managers, institutional representatives and researchers. The main focus of this visit is the aeronautics/aerospace industry, as well as the medical technology sector. Science minister Heubisch underlines that "for the first time, the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Economics are travelling together to a partner region of Bavaria's. Together with our partners from Quebec we target initiating new and continuing existing discussions in the aerospace and medical branches."

Dr. Heubisch sees interesting chances in the development of the current cooperation: "We are bond by a clear target on science, innovation and transfer of technology, which makes Quebec an interesting partner for Bavaria." Ms. Hessel adds: "The tremendous response of both economy and science in this visit proves for a great interest for Quebec within Bavaria. I am happy to continue the dialog with our partner region."

During her stay, Vice Minister Hessel will visit important aerospace companies in Quebec, among which CAE, Bombardier and Sonaca. The medical technologies branch will see several discussions involving Siemens Healthcare and the CHUM. "The Montreal university hospital, as well as a few other hospitals in the greater Montreal area, are planning for massive upgrading investments. We are definitely going to intensify our exchanges on this matter. In July 2010 the Bavarian ministry of Economics welcomed high-ranking representatives of Quebec hospitals who came to personnally gather information about the Bavarian expertise in the medical technologies field. We want to start from there and bring our exchange to a further step", Ms. Hessel highlights.

Minister Heubisch will take the opportunity of his visit to sign several scientific cooperation agreements: One between Université Laval and the Graduate School of Advanced Optical Technologies at Erlangen-Nürnberg University, with a particular stress on the scientific exchange. Another between École nationale d'aérotechnique and Hochschule Augsburg, putting the focus on cooperation in the educational field. Furthermore, this visit will mark the official starting shot of a cooperation between McGill University, Munich's Technical University and Bombardier on the topic of new materials science.

Bavaria has been fostering tight political and economical contacts with Canada, and in particular with its partner region Quebec since 2009. "There are few partnerships as lively and versatile as the one uniting Bavaria and Quebec. Over 450 projects – in economy, technology, research, politics, culture and education – have been successfully carried through together since 1989", Ms. Hessel and Dr. Heubisch explain. Over 1200 Bavarian companies maintain business relationships with Canada, among which approximately 260 have their own establishment there. The Bavaria-Canada exchange volume picked up pace after the 2009 crisis, and in the first semester of 2010, Bavarian imports were estimated at 371 bn Euros (+33.9% in comparison to the previous year) and exports at 656 bn Euros (+21.5% in comparison to the first semester 2009).

Source: State of Bavaria Montreal Office