Bavarian Minister of Research, Dr. Heubisch, and Vice-Minister of Economy, Ms. Hessel, to lead a conduct a delegation of economic and scientific experts in the fields of medical technologies and aerospace to Quebec, November 9-13


With a lively and close partnership dating back to over 20 years, Bavaria and Quebec are to date pioneers in the development of bilateral exchange relationships, especially considering the current negociations on the upcoming EU-Canada free trade agreement. The strength of their partnership will be underlined at the beginning of November 2010, as Dr. Heubisch, Minister of Science, Research and the Arts, and Ms. Katja Hessel, Vice-Minister of Economy, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology, will be conducting a 60 strong delegation of experts of the medical technologies' and aerospace industries.

In Bavaria, the links – existing and potential – between research and economy are considered essential to the technological efforts and successes of all high-tech industries. This is the spirit in which the "Cluster Initiative" was implemented, a policy whereby SMC and global players, but also research institutes and specialized high-schools are encouraged to network and strengthen their contacts within their respective area of activity. As such, this very first delegation "under double aegis" aims at underlining the links between economy and research and the key role those can play in the development of the Bavaria-Quebec partnership.

11 universities, 17 specialized high schools, and an impressive amount of extra-university research institutes (Max-Planck, Fraunhofer, etc.) are an explanation of Bavaria's place as one of Europe's economical power-houses, one of the world's most renowned science centers, and more generally a wanted partner within international networks.

Source: State of Bavaria Montreal Office