Bavarian Vice Minister of Economics Ms. Hessel meets Albertan vice PM Mr. Horner in Munich


M. Hessel : "Fostering cooperation through regular exchanges"

MUNICH – Vice-Minister of Economics of the State of Bavaria, Ms. Katja Hessel, welcomed Alberta's vice PM and Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Doug Horner. "A regular dialoghe with Alberta represents the necessary grounds for realizing our common projects", says Hessel. In order to further intensify the exchanges, Minister Hessel plans a visit to Alberta in Spring 2011, along with a delegation. "Central focus of the trip will be the issue of infrastructure. For Bavarian companies, tar sand exploitation is of particular interest. Companies in the machinery, mining, energy and environment techniques, robotics, geomatics, construction, chemicals and special vehicles businesses could find good business opportunities there", continues Hessel.

Mr. Horner is accompanied by a delegation of environmental technologies experts. His visit fits into the IFAT ENTSORGA, the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. It takes place in Munich, Sept. 13-17, and Canada is represented with its very own pavilion. Already in early June Ms. Hessel welcomed an Albertan delegation under the lead of Vice Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Annette Trimbee. At that time, the first "Innovation coupon" between Bavaria and Alberta was handed out to a Bavarian company in order to strengthen its cooperation with an Albertan research institute.

Over the last 10 years, Alberta has been caracterized with the strongest growth rate of all Canada (3.5% annually). Decisive factors for this growth were the immense tar sand and natural gas reserves, the traditionally strong agriculture and forest sectors, and a thriving manufacturing sector. Parallel to the already existing cooperation between Bavarian and Québec, the relationships between Bavarian and Alberta have been steadily intensifying. Since 2002, the Canadian government is present in Munich with a representation office.

Source: Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology