The Munich Oktoberfest turns 200: a big birthday and a great economic factor for Bavaria


Mr. Zeil, minister of Economic Affairs: " Oktoberfest a display window of the Bavarian economy"

MUNICH  - The countdown has begun: only a few more days to go before the start of this year’s Munich Oktoberfest. From September 18 to October 4, 2010, some six million visitors are once again expected in Munich. The economic value of the biggest folk festival in the world adds up to about 830 million Euro. Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Zeil, commented: “The Oktoberfest has enormous charisma that is felt  throughout the whole Bavarian economy. It is a hallmark of Bavaria that is known all over the world. This year’s anniversary Wiesn gives us the chance to present ourselves in a special light. 200 years of the Oktoberfest: that means tradition, continuity, hospitality and a sense of quality. Its motto was always: Preserving what has proved its worth, and yet moving with the times and shaping progress.” Many Bavarian companies from a wide range of sectors benefit from the ‘Wiesn’, as it is called here. Besides traffic, transport and telecommunications services, these include in particular the apparel industry, tent construction firms and of course the brewing industry.

In Québec, tonight September 10 will see the opening of the 3-day celebrations of Oktoberfest des Québécois in Mascouche. With a yearly growing number of visitors since its creation 5 years ago, this Bavarian culture event is becoming a must-attend in Québec!

For more information and directions to get there, please visit their website: www.oktoberfestdesquebecois.com