Leading a delegation of representatives from the video-gaming sector, Chief of Chancellery and Minister responsible for the Media Siegfried Schneider paid a visit to Montreal and jointly with Quebec's Minister of Economic Affairs Clément Gignac initiated talks aiming at a cooperation agreement in this field.


Bavarian developers had the chance to present their companies and their productions in front of representatives from several video-gaming companies, development studios, service providers, as well as in front of the Montreal cluster Alliance numérique and the Consortium en innovation numérique du Québec. Visits with market leaders such as Electronic Arts, Artificial Mind and Movement, Eidos, DTI, etc., enabled the participants to have a glance at work processes, market strategies, recruiting methods, and to discuss potential cooperation.

Education in games developing makes for an important part within the Montreal universities. A visit of the Computer sciences department at McGill and another at the Media department at Concordia stroke the fact that this branch's development in Montreal is supported not only by fiscal measures. As Prof. von Rimon Lipinski describes it, "in Montreal, companies and education institutes take research and scientific support of the video games industry very seriously. This enables not only to sustain excellent learning conditions but also to achieve recognition of this branch as a research topic in design and computer science."

Mr. Schneider, Minister responsible for the media sector, underlines that "the development of Bavaria's competences in the gaming industry is about to play a key role in Bavaria's future as a state of media creation. I have agreed with my colleague, the Minister of Economic Affairs Mr. Gignac, to take the video games branch into account within the cooperation agreement bonding Bavaria and Quebec. Before the end of this year, we want to implement a cooperation concept that will enable us to concretely step forward in terms of education, educational exchanges, cooperation between companies, highschools and supporting institutions. We will develop our cooperation to the mutual benefit of each region within the frame of our regional cooperation agreement."

Source: FilmFernsehFonds Bayern