Munich Satellite Summit: The annual Update on Global Navigation Satellite Sytems and the Bavarian Highlights


The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit is the leading European and International conference on satellite navigation and took place in Munich from March 1st to 3rd. In addition to deepening the technical aspects of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), the topic Applications has been of importance. Like every year, the ‘Bavarian Flashlights’, the most significant events on satellite navigation in Bavaria, were presented at the summit.

In addition to updates in the U.S. navigation system GPS, the only worldwide functional system with 31 satellites in orbit, there were also updates on the European Galileo, the Russian Glonass, the Chinese COMPASS (Bedou) and on the Japanese Quasi Zenith Satellite System (QZSS). Eventually, the developments on satellite navigation in Bavaria were presented, including topics from the production to the formation and the applications. 

Source: AeroBrief 11.2011 (in German)