Successful visit to Ottawa and Québec City of a delegation from the Praesidium of the Landtag of Bavaria, a Quebec partner state.


The Bavarian Landtagspräsidium delegation with members of the Délégation de l'Assemblée nationale pour les Relations avec la Bavière in Montréal - © State of Bavaria Québec Office

The visit of the Bavarian Landtagspraesidium (parliament executive committee) delegation, comprised of dignitaries from the Landtag parties and led by Landtag Member and Speaker Barbara Stamm, ended successfully on October 6. In Ottawa, Montreal and Québec, the delegation’s members sought out information about the Canadian and Quebec political situation during numerous political conversations and expert presentations. They approached subjects like the Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada, Immigration and Integration, as well as Education.

Besides meeting Canadian parliamentarians, the delegation’s members also conversed with Mr. Gerald Keddy, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade of Canada, Quebec National Assembly Speaker Mr. Jacques Chagnon, and Quebec Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities Mrs. Kathleen Weil. Also, the delegation participated in the opening of the “Oktoberfest” in Ste-Adele.

Several meetings with parliamentarians of Quebec’s National Assembly consolidated the close partnership between both Parliaments and a visit to Munich from deputies of Quebec is already scheduled for 2012.