New subsidy program: Opening new markets in North America – USA and Canada – machinery, medical engineering and IT


The new subsidy program “Opening new markets in North America” aims at increasing the market potential of Bavarian companies in the US and Canada. The project is an initiative of the Bavarian Foreign Trade Center as well as the North American and Canadian chambers of foreign commerce and focuses on mechanical and medical engineering as well as IT.

In the field of mechanical engineering experts anticipate a long-term growth, especially in the branches of energy efficiency and mining, in the oil industry and power station construction.
Since the average age of the population is on the increase the demand of medical engineering products will rise as well – this holds tremendous chances for Bavarian companies in this sector.
Information technology is a large sector in North America and experts anticipate increasing investments in this field. Especially smaller IT companies have the possibility to assert themselves in market niches and offer their service, software products and communication equipment.

The subsidy program has four phases:

  • information meetings and initial consulting for Bavarian companies interested in the program,
  • help in finding business partners in the USA and Canada,
  • cooperation meetings with potential partners in North America
  • follow-up of these cooperation talks.

Small and medium sized Bavarian companies are invited to participate; they will receive subsidies of about 35% from the State of Bavaria.

Please contact:

Heide Becker
IHK Schwaben
Phone: 0821-3162-359
Fax:  0821-3162-171

Klaus Pelz
IHK München
Phone: 089-5116-374
Fax:  089-5116-471

Source: http://www.awz-bayern.de/