Minister Gagnon-Tremblay in Munich as part of the celebrations of 40 years of Québec presence in Germany


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Quebec Minister of International Affairs, Mrs. Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, began her mission to Germany in Munich - Bavaria being one of Quebec’s leading foreign political partners. There she met with State Minister and Head of Chancellery, Thomas Kreuzer, as well as with Minister of Federal and European Affairs, Emilia Müller. She also had an appointment with Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, Bavaria’s Minister of Arts and Sciences, who mentioned that, following Premier Charest’s mission to Germany in June 2011, a symposium on Plan Nord is currently being organized by the Bavarian employers’ and trade association (vbw – Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft). He added that Bavaria is contiuously working on finding cooperation opportunities for common research projects with Quebec.

Minister Gagnon-Tremblay then travelled to Dresden and Berlin, where her stay culminated with the official opening, on November 18, of the exhibition “Noël au Québec” at the Galeries Lafayette in Berlin. 3,500 attendants celebrated the Canadian Province and its festive winter traditions. The exhibition lasts until December 31 with more than 20 renowned companies chosen for this purpose. Each level boasts a selection of exclusive Québec products from the fashion and accessories, jewellery, cosmetics, culinary art and literature worlds. Furthermore, tastings of typical Quebec dishes, a tourism stand and 3 visual arts exhibitions offer a glimpse of what “La Belle Province” has to offer.

This event officially wraps up the celebrations around 40 years of Québec in Germany. For more information about this 6-week-event, from November 18 to December 31, please visit www.quebec-info.de

A few figures on relations between Québec and Germany

  • Germany is Québec’s number-four international trade partner and its second-largest economic partner in Europe.
  • In 2010, Québec exports to Germany added up to $1.257 billion, behind exports to China and ahead of sales to France.
  • In the same year, Québec imports from Germany amounted to $3.34 billion, a $1.07 billion increase compared with 2001.
  • Germany is the tenth largest investor in Canada. Over the past decade, direct German investments in Canada have doubled, to $10 billion in 2010.

Source: Délégation générale du Québec à Munich
Quebec Ministry of International Affairs