2011 climate monitoring : Higher temperatures and more rain for Bavaria – the Land maintains its ambitious climatic targets


Bavaria maintains its ambitious climate targets. That is what Marcel Huber, Bavarian Minister of the Environment, stressed upon the publication of the 2011 climate monitoring report. “Climate change is already a reality in Bavaria. Only common efforts will enable us to attenuate its effects on our region”, so Huber. The addendum to the 2012 budget foresees an additional 22.5 million euros for the sole Ministry of Environment’s climate protection and energy transition programs. According to the report, between 1931 and 2010, temperatures in Bavaria rose by an average of 1.1 degrees celsius – though by 2000 it still was around the 0.7 degrees celsius mark.

Global climate changes affect the hydrological cycles in Bavaria : it’s raining a lot more during the winter months, and precipitations since 1931 have risen sometimes up to 25%. In the winter, there are more and more incidences of occasional but heavy rainfall – particularly in Bavaria’s North-Eastern sectors (up to 40% increase). “An efficient protection against floods is a task of essential importance for Bavaria’s future, given the climate changes”, added Dr. Huber. All in all, 2.3 billion euros will flow into the Environment Ministry’s programs against floods from 2001 to 2020. To date, as much as 1.4 billion euros have already been invested.

In Bavaria, CO2 emissions ascribable to energy consumption are at 6 tons per year and inhabitant, already below EU average of 7.9 tons per year and inhabitant. The Land’s objective remains to lower these emissions to 5 tons per year and inhabitant by 2030.

Source: www.stmug.bayern.de