Bavarian MP Mr. Seehofer underlines exceptional work market in Bavaria in 2011: full employment for under 25 year old professionals


On the dawn of a new year, Bavaria’s Minister-President Mr. Horst Seehofer celebrates the work market policies of 2011, which have led to exceptional results. Bavaria is the leader among all 16 German Länder with an overall unemployment rate of 3.4% in December 2011 (vs. 4.0% in December 2010), the best statistics in decades. Looking at the current workers shortage, he encouraged companies to adapt to demographic changes and take advantage of the experience and quality of older employees.

“Although we have reached full employment for under 25 year-olds, still too many older persons find themselves unemployed. Now that several companies are desperately looking for skilled workforce, an above-average unemployment rate of 5.4% among the over 55 year-olds is a sign that still not enough companies proactively adapt to the evolution of demographics. In an ageing society, the work market will also “age”. Competitive edges will come to those very companies that, looking for employees, have adapted to the needs and potential of an older workforce.”

Source: www.bayern.de (in German)