In 2012, as once every 7 years, one of Bavaria’s oldest artisanship traditions is being reenacted: Until Mardi-Gras, the Barrel Makers will dance on the streets



From January 6 to February 21, as happens every 7 years, the Barrel Makers will dance not only on Munich’s Carillon but also on the streets and public spaces of the city, from Epiphany until Mardi-Gras. The “Schäfflertanz” (Barrel Makers’ Dance) is one of the last artisanship traditions still alive in Bavaria. It is supposed to remind the citizens of the terrible pest year of 1517.

Almost 500 years later, reenacted every 7 years, the tradition has become a popular event. Cooper companions who moved out of Munich in the past took this tradition along and thus spread it throughout Bavaria. To this day, many companies, administrations and citizens will have Barrel Makers groups perform their dance in front of their houses in countless towns and villages across the Land.

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