IHK-FOSA selects Nuremberg as new German headquarters: Recognition of foreign qualifications to be done in Bavaria


Beginning April 2nd, 2012 the Nuremberg IHK-FOSA (FOreign Skills Approval office) will be the center of assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications for 77 of 80 German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer, IHK). This new authority is placed under the responsibility of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. “Not only do we create about 60 new work places in the region of Nuremberg, we also strengthen the region’s locational advantage concerning qualified employees,” says Bavarian Vice-Minister of Economic Affairs, Ms. Katja Hessel. “Since the Federal Offices for Migration and Employment are located in the region of Nuremberg as well, the city can establish itself as Germany’s center of expertise for qualified employees.”

As per a new labour law, the task of assessing job qualifications will be assigned to the IHKs on April 1st, 2012. For this purpose and for the first time, the Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Germany are founding a public institution. The assessment of foreign qualifications and their comparability ensures certain reliability for job applicants with foreign diplomas. “Bavaria also needs qualified employees with foreign job qualifications to compensate for the lack of qualified personnel. The IHK-FOSA will play an important role in that process,” Bavaria’s vice-minister of Economics, Katja Hessel, explained.

IHK-FOSA: German office for foreign skills approval (in German)