The G10 Commission of the State of Bavaria visits Québec: Bilateral discussions about public security and the protection of telecommunications confidentiality


In Germany, the parliament (“Landtag”) of each of the 16 states (“Land”) is obliged by law to appoint a commission that verifies the courts’ decisions concerning the privacy of correspondence, posts and telecommunications of every individual. In Bavaria, this role is assumed by the three members of the G10 Commission. It makes decisions on the admissibility and necessity of privacy restrictions in postal and telecommunication correspondence ordered by the Bavarian Criminal Court. It equally responds to lawsuits of individual citizens concerning privacy protection. Once a court order is declared invalid by the G10 Commission, the Ministry of Interior Affairs is obliged to nullify a court order.

Given the long cooperation between the Bavarian Landtag and the Assemblée national du Québec, the members of the G10 Commission will visit Québec March 17-22, in order to gather and exchange information about surveillance measures, their efficiency and the different juridical institutions in fighting organized crime, terrorism, corruption and collusion. The G10 Commission will meet representatives of the Montréal Police Service (Sûreté du Québec) and will then travel to Québec where they will meet members of the National Assembly Delegation for Relations with Bavaria (DANRBA) (in French) as well as the President of the Administrative Court of Québec and the Solicitor General of the Criminal Court of Québec. Other high-level meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice will also take place.