The Students Award at the 2012 Regensburg Short Film Festival goes out to Anna Brass and Magdalena Hutter for their short documentary shot in Montreal as part of a Bavaria-Quebec cooperation project


Vera Bondy in the short documentary "Voices of the attic" © dokfest.de

The short documentary portrays the Canadian artist Vera Bondy, who had emigrated to Montreal in 1953, intending to leave her family’s tragic destiny during the Third Reich behind. Decades later she accidentally stumbles upon the children’s paper “Voices of the Attic”. Her then 14 year-old little sister had written and drawn this journal during their internment in the Terezin concentration camp. Vera Bondy tells how over the years the destiny of her assassinated sister had weighed more and more on her. Discovering this heartbraking children’s paper had made her burden even heavier.

Students Anna Brass and Magdalena Hutter produced this 18-minutes film as they were participating in the exchange program between HFF-Munich and Montreal’s INIS, supported by the cooperation between Bavarian and Quebec governments. The jury declared “the sketchy and empathetic portrait” the best of the 31 Bavarian films presented during the Regensburg Short Film Festival. The jury motivated its decision: “Throughout the interviews, the directors enable us to come very close to their principal character. Almost poetic editing sequences give Mrs Bondy’s story even more space. The film has impressed us with its sensitivity towards the principal character, its formal aspect and its durable impact.”

The 1500 euro award was handed out on March 21, 2012, at the closing ceremony of the Regensburg Short Film Festival.