Bavarian International Campus Aerospace and Security (BICAS): New campus to unite scientific research and industrial projects on EADS ground in Ottobrunn/Taufkirchen


The signature of the MoU on EADS premises in Ottobrunn, in presence of Bavaria’s Minister-President Mr. Horst Seehofer, Minister of Economy Martin Zeil, and Minister of Science Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, marked the official kick-off for the new “Bavarian International Campus Aerospace & Security” (BICAS) yesterday. Throughout upcoming years, BICAS is to become an international hub for scientific and industrial innovation. The aim is to offer researchers and entrepreneurs from around the globe the possibility of collaborating on a unique high-tech location in Ottobrunn. Partners are EADS and IABG, the Technical university of Munich, the University of Armed Forces in Munich, the Munich University of Applied sciences (Hochschule), the think-tank Bauhaus Luftfahrt, as well as the DLR (German Center for Aerospace).

As Minister-President Seehofer puts it: "BICAS is the pure expression of our initiative 'Aufbruch Bayern' ('Bavaria on the Move'). We invest into fundamental research in aeronautics, aerospace and public security, and we connect all this with five new study courses, a graduate school for PhD students and a center for entrepreneurship. That’s how innovative Bavaria works. This way we show how Bavaria can combine economic power, financial stability and competence for the future.”

Research at BICAS should focus on sectors of Green Aerospace (neutral or low emission flights), public security, integrated systems and autonomous flight systems. Research activities will be supported by new Master’s degrees in English offered to 200 students, as well as a graduate school.

Source : http://www.bayern.de (official press release, in German)