Opening of a new battery materials manufacturing plant at Phostech Lithium Inc in Candiac (Quebec): Bavarian company invests in the Canadian energy efficiency branch


New Phostech Lithium production facility in Candiac - picture © Clariant Group

On April 2nd, 2012, Representatives from Clariant (Switzerland) and Süd-Chemie (Bavaria), as well as Canadian and Québec government officials, celebrated the official opening of a new Phostech Lithium Inc battery materials manufacturing plant in Candiac. The plant produces carbon coated lithium iron phosphate (C-LiFePO4), a high performance energy storage material used in batteries for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries used in hybrid and electric vehicles, solar and wind energy storage and power tools. The facility will create more than 50 new jobs, contributing to stimulate the regional economy.

To meet the sharply increasing worldwide demand for Life Power®P2, Süd-Chemie - which acquired Phostech Lithium in 2008 - invested CAD $78 million in the Candiac facility, boosting global capacity by 2,500 metric tons per year. The project received among other contributions a CAD $7.4 million grant for construction and equipment from the Québec Government through Investissement Québec.

"Life Power® P2 is a leading-edge material that not only promotes broader adoption of alternative energy technologies - from electric vehicles to stationary energy storage systems in combination with renewable energy generation - but also is inherently safe for the environment because it avoids hazardous substances and temperature runaway”, said Dr. Klaus Brandt, head of Süd-Chemie's Battery Materials business line. “Further, we designed the new Candiac facility with energy- efficient equipment and the latest emission control and effluent recycling systems, fully compliant with Quebéc's high standards."

Süd-Chemie (www.sud-chemie.com), a member of the Swiss Group owned by Clariant AG, Muttenz, is a specialty chemicals company headquartered in Munich, Germany and operating on a worldwide scale.

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