Bavaria/Saxony among winners of German contest in electro mobility branch – Quebec to be the international partner of the team


In early April, the German federal government picked four regional “E-Mobility schowcases” to be supported over upcoming years. Those are Bavaria/Saxony, Baden-Württemberg, Berlin/Brandenburg and Lower Saxony. The government’s aim is to see one million electric vehicles in the streets of Germany by 2020. The support program “Schaufenster Elektromobilität“ (“E-Mobility Showcase”) is a measure of the government’s E-Mobility program launched in May 2011. The three-year program will be funded with up to 180 million Euros by the German government. The four regions that presented their own concepts – among others – at the competition will be supported with a maximum of 50 million Euros each.

As underlined by the federal ministry of transportation, the ambitious regional pilot-projects and demonstrations were chosen as “offering the most innovative e-mobility initiatives at the interface of energy supply systems, traffic networks, and vehicles, on top of enjoying a high international visibility.” The state of Bavaria itself supports e-mobility programs with 60 million Euros over the next years.

The international partner of the Bavaria/Saxony project “E-mobility connects” is the North American province of Québec. The framework and conditions of this cooperation will be defined within the upcoming half year. “Québec already plays an important role in the expansion of the electric vehicles market. The province cooperates with numerous (international) partners (…). I am convinced that the opportunity to tie in with Bavaria and Saxony will be a mutual enrichment”, explained Québecs Premier Jean Charest at the 6th Conference of the partner regions in Sao Paolo, Brazil.