12th Work Group Meeting on Bavaria-Quebec Cooperation – Call for 2012-2014 Projects


The cooperation between Quebec and Bavaria takes shape in the common activities accepted by the Work group on Quebec Bavaria Cooperation (Groupe de travail sur la coopération Québec Bavière (GTQB)). The general orientations that are agreed upon concern only activities directly financed by both governments. Each regional government supports projects whose size and characteristics will need additional funding, which is not intended to replace funding obtained by financing organizations though.

The cooperation should be regarded upon as following these rules:

  • Ensuring the activities’s permanence, complementarity and visibility;
  • Promoting the development of each society;
  • Reinforcing the mobility of both populations;
  • Promoting mutual knowledge in the communities.

The branches as well as details about the Call for projects are made available in the orientation and instruction document (pdf, in French) provided by the Quebec Ministry of International Relations. The deadline for submission is May 18, 2012.

All pertaining complementary information and mandatory documents are available on the website of Quebec's ministry of International Relations.

Source: MRI