Ernst & Young study shows: Despite Euro crisis, managers worldwide favour business location Germany – Foreign investors creating more jobs than ever


Berlin/Munich [Spiegel.de] – The Euro crisis does not concern Germany at all – at least this is what worldwide investors claim. International managers rate the business location Germany even higher than they did last year, and expect its attractivity to rise even more. This is the result of a study conducted by the consulting company Ernst & Young in which 840 international companies were questioned about business attractivity in the European economic area.

While Western Europe countries performed worse than last year, Germany's attractivity rose: 13% of the managers questioned consider it as one of the world's top three business locations. The Federal Republic's main competitors in attracting foreign investments are not its neighbours, but the US and China. The number of foreign companies which invested in Germany in the last year increased by about 7%, creating almost 18,000 new jobs - a rise of 43%.

The most remarkable increase came from Chinese investors: In 2011 there were 45 project from Chinese companies, 36% more than last year and more than in any other European country. One in three Chinese investment projects in Europe was realized in Germany.

It's the infrastructure, the high level of workforce qualification and the social climate that earn the Bundesrepublik special credits. Germany’s biggest competitive advantage is the top quality of R&D.

Source & more: spiegel.de