Bavaria’s two-year budget for 2013/2014 emphasizes the film and media landscape


Picture © presseportal.de

Bavaria is one of the leading film production sites in Germany. From production to marketing, over technical aspects: all steps of a movie creation are covered. According to a study conducted by the consulting firm Ernst&Young, the Munich region generates share of the returns of German film production companies is 40%. 23 of the 100 best German media companies have their office in Bavaria as well as around 2,000 film production companies with almost 9,000 employees.

Mr. Thomas Kreuzer, Bavarian minister responsible for the media industry, explained [as the budget was unveiled]: “We are fostering Bavaria`s and media- and film industry specifically, especially in the competition with the other Bundesländer. That`s why we are creating a new special program to support international movie productions, which is in fundus of 6 million Euros. Especially international film productions have the ability to help Bavaria to step up in the film industry. The whole Bavarian economy will take advantage of this - from filming to services, post-production and special effects. At the same time, we are increasing the federal subventions for the FilmFernsehFond Bayern (Bavarian film and television fund, FFF) by about 900,000 Euros in each of the upcoming two years, to highlight our focus on development for the local film sector too.”

The new program for international productions is financed only by the State and managed by FFF Bayern, which proved its worth as a Bavarian institution to foster film productions. It is designed to initiate further actions. A project supported by FFF is usually reckoned as having at least a 1.5 factor within the Bavarian economy. In 2011, a “Bavaria effect” of 305% was made out of a total of 301.5 million Euros worth of films supported by the FFF.

It is the goal of this new special programme to make the Bavarian film- and media- landscape even more attractive for international movie productions. Another goal is to increase the employment rate in this sector as well as to foster the training of future skilled employees.

Source: bayern.de/Pressemitteilungen (in German)