Energy market in Alberta – Opportunities for environmental technologies and infrastructure compagnies : Information seminar on Sept. 17, 2012, in Nuremberg


Canada has the third biggest oil reserves on the planet. On a total estimated at 179 bn barrels, 170 bn are in Alberta. The demand for investments in the energy sector currently amounts to $130 bn and Alberta itself will invest some $6.1 bn over the next 5 years in environmental projects.


The energy industry in Alberta is experiencing a gigantic boom and has done so for several years already. Oil and gas prices being on the rise, the production of oil from tar sands and shale gas exploitation become profitable. Still young, the industry is subject to enormous growth rates. In order to implement sustainable resource exploitation and narrow down possible environment harms, Alberta government is calling upon Bavarian firms to engage their know-how and their products in environmental technologies, infrastructures and energy technologies. To this goal, a high-ranking delegation under the lead of Minister Cal Dallas will present the business opportunities the Alberta energy market offers.

The English-language information seminar will be held in Nuremberg (Northern Bavaria) on Sept. 17, 2012 (registration), and target Bavarian business people wishing to do business in Alberta in the branches of infrastructures, environmental technology, energy technology and resource exploitation. The seminar will throw light on the materials demand, the cooperation opportunities, and the technological hot spots of the oil industry on the American continent. A networking cocktail offering exchange opportunities between the participants will follow.

Source : bayern-innovativ.de (in German)