Brigitte Hobmeier, Munich-born actress, crowned Best Actress at Montreal’s 2012 World Film Festival for her performance in « Closed Season », by Franziska Schlotterer | Numerous German films in the competition


Brigitte Hobmeier | picture © main-netz.de

The 2012 edition of Montreal’s World Film Festival boasted a strong share of German films. Competing were Closed Season (Ende der Schonzeit), a Germany/Israel co-production by director Franziska Schlotterer, Invasion, a Germany/Austria co-production by director Dino Tsintsadze, and The Week End (Das Wochenende), by director Nina Grosse. Other feature movies, documentaries and shorts were shown in several categories.

Outside the competition itself, the public was invited to watch The Sea at Dawn (Das Meer am Morgen) by world-renowned director Volker Schlöndorff, who concentrated on a particular event in 1941 France, by the time of Nazi occupation. On top of Mr. Schlöndorff’s presence in Montreal to present his film, this year’s festival also welcomed actors Sebastian Koch (principal actor in the Oscar winning film The Life of Others), and Katja Riemann, who were defending their competition film Das Wochenende.

Brigitte Hobmeier, main character of Closed Season and born in a suburb of Munich, was awarded the Best Actress Prize for her performance in Franziska Schlotterer’s first full-length movie. She plays Emma, a farmer of South Germany, during WWII. She and her husband Fritz hide Albert, a young jewish man trying to escape the Nazis. Unable to conceive an heir and yet in need of one for his farm, Fritz, a simple and candid man, asks Albert to see this job through in his place - unaware that he thus enters a inextricable situation. The film also received the Jury's Ecumenical Prize. It had made its world premiere at the 2012 FilmFest Munich in the “New German Cinema” category – at the same time as Invasion, which was this year’s Special Grand Prix of the Jury in Montreal. Brigitte Hobmeier is currently a member of the theater company Münchener Kammerspiele, and had been the recipient in 2004 of Bavaria’s Arts Prize (Bayerische Kunstförderpreis).

Interesting coincidence: The Best Actor Award was given to another German-speaking actor, the Austrian Karl Merkatz, for his performance in Coming of Age (Anfang 80), a movie which also won the Public Award for the Most Popular Film.

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