Bavaria’s Minister of Economics, Mr. Martin Zeil, on the new ranking by Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft and the weekly Wirtschaftswoche: “Bavaria is Germany’s strongest region”


Bavaria: First position | bundeslaenderranking.de

Bavaria’s Minister of Economy, Infrastructure, Transportation and Technology, Mr. Martin Zeil, is happy about Bavaria’s position in the all-new ranking summing up performance as well as quality of life in the German regions: he sees his economic policies confirmed. “Once more, Bavaria comes out strong when compared to the other Länder. This demonstrates that our economic policies aiming at ‘Full employment through investment, innovation and growth’ put us on the right path”, underlines Zeil.

The ranking was calculated by the Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft ("New Social Market Economy") and the weekly German magazine Wirtschaftswoche, as the result of 100 socio-economical indicators examined for this purpose. The regions Baden-Wurtemberg and Hamburg place second resp. third. “I am extremely happy about this result, although I won’t say I’m surprised, Mr. Zeil adds. All indicators show that Bavaria is the best address in Germany, be it in terms of economic performance, jobs, well-being or quality of life.”

Mr. Zeil also insists on looking at this success as being both a stimulation and a challenge for the future: “Of course we want to keep our pole position. This is our Bavarian pride. Especially in a slowing-down economic cycle we have to stick with our goals thanks to investments in infrastructures, innovation, education, research and development.”

Source: StMWIVT